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Preparing Student Journalists for the FutureThe field of print journalism is changing. With ever-advancing technology and new devices and gadgets that deliver news at the push of a button, the print audience is rapidly declining.

Today’s student journalists must keep up with the times and meet the demand to deliver instant news and content. There is a still a strong appetite for news and information that requires good reporting and storytelling—true journalistic talents that remain unchanged. However, today’s journalists must possess the additional skill sets to move information along the life cycle of the story, such as:

- Identifying breaking news and posting alerts on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat
- Creating short-form narratives for digital consumption, then modifying with long-form narratives, for print, digital, podcasts, etc.
- Providing multi-media elements, such as video, that engage readers more consistently and more deeply.

On the business side, students must have access to state-of-the-art technology and digital resources to be able to offer competitive advertising opportunities and to meet annual sales goals. Just like our student journalists, business office staff must be well versed in traditional print and digital advertising opportunities.

Keeping Up with Changing Times

For generations, The Collegian has provided the required foundation of solid reporting and writing for news staffers and sales and marketing skills for business students. While staffers’ career paths diverge in many different directions once they leave The Collegian, the shared foundational experience they’ve built puts Collegian alumni ahead of the competition in the workplace.

The Collegian is committed to continuing to provide its staffers with real-world experiences. We’ve continued to evolve a digital focus, particularly in practicing social media tactics like Facebook Live and creating video for Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Staffers often utilize their own equipment, free web-based programs, and equipment borrowed from the College of Communications to develop their digital presence. However, we are challenged by limited resources to provide equipment and software that supports a consistent, best-in-class experience.

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