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5 Reasons to Support Student Journalists in an Age of Media DistrustAsk any American about media outlets, and they’ll probably mention big-name publishers like the New York Times or the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. Daily Collegian alums, on the other hand, know how important student journalism is in creating the everyday content that readers rely on.

Student journalism plays an important role in the news we see every day, and former Collegian writers understand the difficulties young writers face. Every day, more student newspapers face cuts to funding and essential resources. The Collegian is not exempt from these realities, which is why alumni need to understand just how important supporting student journalists is.

Today’s student journalists at Penn State need your help, and here are five important reasons why you should support the student staff of The Daily Collegian:

Compelling Content

Student journalism can be thought of as “ground-zero” when it comes to fresh, new ideas. Student writers often spark the conversation that lead to nationwide discussions on politics, social injustice and other hot-button topics. Student journalists have a history of bringing to light important issues that might not otherwise be discussed. Without student journalists to decipher what is relevant and what is not, many newsworthy topics would not be put in the national spotlight.

Provides Opportunities

Working in the college newsroom prepares student writers for full-time positions at major media outlets. The Collegian staff needs to prepare to join the workforce, and the newsroom is an integral part of this. The Collegian provides Penn State students with the necessary skills to thrive in a professional working environment. As successful Collegian alums like Tom Verducci and Paul Levine can tell you, the experience is invaluable.

Giving Students A Voice

Let’s face it, when we think of newsrooms today, we do not picture young adults aged 18–24. Student publications give young adults the opportunity to sound off on the issues that impact their lives, and young people often provide a different and valuable perspective. Although it might seem like the voices of students are not reflected by the majority,  the changing social and political climates open new opportunities for student opinions and voices to be recognized. The Collegian gives students a chance to express their opinions and share a perspective that might not otherwise be heard.

Informing Other Students

Though student publications often go viral and spread the word about bigger issues, they also serve a purpose for current students. The Collegian provides university updates that can only be covered by those who attend Penn State. Without a collegiate newspaper, students would be unaware of major happenings and issues at the university. The fact that these stories are presented by student writers makes them more relatable to other students around campus who might not be interested in the same information when presented through different means.

It Makes a Difference

In the grand scheme of things, supporting student journalism makes a difference. When you support student journalism, you’re not just investing in students; the actual news impacts people locally and globally. Without student journalism, many issues that affect a large segment of the economy would go ignored. Collegian alumni can make a monumental difference by supporting current student journalists.



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