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The Importance Of Independent Journalism In College TownsThe Daily Collegian at Penn State has served the student body and the community since 1904, diligently reporting the news that matters most to students. Throughout the years, the news has changed, but one thing has remained the same: students write, design and print The Daily Collegian independently. At Penn State, student journalists tell the story of their campus, their community and their world.

Penn State has a total of 46,000 undergraduates, and each and every one of them has a story to tell. Through student journalism, The Collegian is able to represent the many perspectives that exist on campus.

In order to continue telling the stories of their fellow students, student journalists need support.

The Collegian is fortunate enough to borrow equipment from the Bellisario College of Communications, but the supplies are limited. Access to software and equipment allows the newspaper to keep up with the digital demands of journalism, as well as effectively reach Penn State’s student body. The Collegian does not exist without the support of current and past Penn Staters. By advocating for student voices and contributing to the production needs of student journalists, you will ensure that The Collegian will continue to serve the Penn State community for years to come.

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