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Free Press Isn’t FreeFree press is one of the cornerstones of American democracy. Regardless of the story at hand, news organizations such as The Daily Collegian serve as a conduit for truth through uncensored storytelling.

Unfortunately, independent reporting may no longer be a reality if news outlets aren’t able to financially support themselves.

With print media declining and digital advertising increasing, many independent outlets have shifted away from print. The Daily Collegian has already begun that shift. In fact, the Collegian was among the first wave of student run papers to go digital, launching the Daily Collegian Online in 1996. For the first time, the Collegian could deliver breaking news as it was happening.

However, this technology isn’t free. The Collegian needs your support in order to provide students with the tools and resources they need to maintain the Collegian’s digital presence and continue to provide accurate and reliable news. Students often have to use and pay for their own devices and software in order to keep the Collegian going.

The Collegian’s independence allows reporters to encapsulate everything readers could possibly want from an unbiased-reporting standpoint. With contributions from students and the community, the Collegian has been at the forefront with national news outlets and able to share urgent updates during Penn State’s most sensitive times.

In an increasingly digital age, the Penn State community needs the Collegian now more than ever.


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