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Providing Skills for the FutureJournalists are often required to use multimedia equipment. This can include anything from cameras and recording devices to coding for the publication’s web-based portal. This media is built around immediacy and learning the specifics of multimedia tools is vital for any young journalist.  

Young journalists often start their careers working for local outlets. These outlets often require workers to take photos or videos to post on their specific social media pages as well as social media platforms. Making sure you know the basics of photo-taking and videography is a good start to ensuring the content you share is easily digestible for the audience you are trying to reach and cultivate.  

In a world increasingly dominated by social media, knowing the basics of photography and videography is even more important. Livestreaming tools such as Facebook Live and Periscope have become important tools for covering live events such as rallies, important town hall meetings and community events.  Journalists need to know how these platforms work and how to use them effectively. Student journalists at the Daily Collegian are learning these skills every day.

While working for the Daily Collegian, student journalists have the change to gain the photography and videography skills that will give them a competitive edge in their future careers. In an increasingly competitive field, young journalists need a unique skill set to set them apart.

This technology isn’t free. The Collegian needs your support in order to provide students with the tools and resources they need to hone their skills. Students often have to use and pay for their own devices and software. Your support of the Daily Collegian will ensure that all students have access to the multimedia equipment and platforms they need. In an increasingly digital age, the Collegian needs your support now more than ever.  

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