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Innovative App Will Bring The Collegian To More Readers  Student journalists at the Daily Collegian are constantly looking for new ways to connect with readers. That’s why the Collegian is now partnering with an innovative new app called Spotlight.

Spotlight is an app that is described as “your personal news aggregator.” The app analyzes a diverse set of metrics from the user’s interests, to their reading habits, to recommend new content.

Colsen Ackroyd, current business manager of the Collegian, is proud of the partnership started last year.

In particular, he singled out Spotlight’s willingness to consider user feedback to help design an app that’s better suited for younger audiences consuming news media. Ackroyd said he sees the app having a bright future.

However, more than profitability, Ackroyd wants the integrity of the Collegian to prosper as well. He applauded Spotlight’s effort to heighten reader accountability.

“Above all, truth stands,” he said. “The reader must feel confident in what they’re reading.”

With your support, the Collegian will be able to continue to invest in the future of journalism at Penn State. The support of current and past Penn Staters allows the Collegian to bring high-quality, reliable news to the Penn State community and the world.

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