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Collegian Alumni View James Building Move with Classic Journalist Mixture of Reflection and PragmatismOn Dec. 11, 1989, The Daily Collegian moved to a new home at 123 S. Burrowes St. At the time, the newly renovated facility offered about 10,000 square feet of office space. For almost thirty years, the James Building has been home to generations of student journalists.

Last July, it was announced that this sacred ground would no longer be standing on campus. It was reported that Penn State is anticipating the construction of a new building to begin in November 2019 with intended completion in December 2020, according to a request for letters of interest from design and engineering firms, with development plans requiring approval from State College Borough Council.

The university looks to replace James with a new, $52.8 million building that will serve as a hub for the Invent Penn State entrepreneurial and innovation initiative. While the new change is embraced, it will be hard to this era end once the construction is complete.

“Like most Collegian alumni, I have fond memories of my time in the James Building basement, and I will miss seeing the old offices when I visit. But I know the good journalism we produced wasn't because of the office space, and I trust the Collegian's current staff will continue their award-winning work in their new space,” shares alumni Alison Kepner.

Alison served as the editor-in-chief from May 2002 to 2003 and appreciates how the evolution will keep the program among the best. “Just as commercial papers' newsrooms have changed, I appreciate that the needs of the Collegian's staff also have changed and this move will reflect today's demands.”

“The Daily Collegian's office in the James Building was a basement with bad lighting and some seriously old flooring. What made it a palace in our eyes were the friends we found there and the stories we wrote,” reflects alumni Andrew McGill, who served as managing editor from 2009 to 2010.  I'm excited to see students move into fancier digs, but I know that wherever the newsroom ends up, the spirit will be the same.”

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