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5 Reasons to Support Student Journalists in an Age of Media DistrustStudent journalism plays an important role in the news we see every day, and former Collegian writers understand the difficulties young writers face. Today’s student journalists at Penn State need your help, and here are five important reasons why you should support the student staff of The Daily Collegian.

The Surprising History of The Daily Collegian

The history of the Pennsylvania State University’s newspaper, The Daily Collegian, is more surprising and controversial than Collegian alums might imagine. The Collegian was not always the publication we know today; it began its journey in controversial and difficult times.

Tell us Why You Support the CollegianThank you for making a gift to the Daily Collegian. We are so grateful to include your name as a generous supporter.

You have directly touched the lives of the dedicated student journalists seeking a career-building, life-changing opportunity. More importantly, you show these aspiring journalists that you believe in their potential and want to help them achieve their goals.

Will you help encourage others to follow your lead by sharing why you chose to contribute? Take this quick survey so we can share your inspiration with other alumni and friends of the Collegian.

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